Aromatic Massage 50 mins
Choose from our four aroma- therapy blends : Relaxing , Purifying , Slimming and Toning. This full body treatment usesEssential Oils.
Swedish Massage  50 mins
A full body massage which relieves stress and improves blood flow, muscle tone and skin texture. This massage helps to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and increase circulation.
Indonesian Massage 50 mins
A deep tissue using palm pressure.This massage creates energy and a feeling of well-being .
Thai Traditional Massage 80 mins
The Thai traditional style massage uses both palm and thumb to concentrate on the pressure points of your wholebody. This treatment includes some stretching to reduce fatigue and release tight muscles while improving bloodcirculation , relaxing the muscles and creating a feeling of well-being.
Aromatic Facial 60 mins
Luxurious essential oils will moisture and nourish the skin, relieving stress , heal and soothe your body and mind.Choose from Rose and Lavender oil.
Sun-Lovers Treatment 60 mins
A moisturising treatment which nourishes your dry and dehydrated skin using a Supply Modelling Mask ( Cool Mask)plus shea better skin care ampoules.
Calming Treatment 60 mins
The Spiruline Algae will balance the sensitive and easily delicate skin while maintaining the suppleness and firmnessof the skin.
Lightening Treatment 60 mins
This facial removes dead cells by using fruit and plant extracts plus a collagen mask. It is rich in moisturising agentswhich restores the skin's hydration and helps to maintain younger looking skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
Anti-Pollution and Balancing Treatment 60 mins
For skin exposed to pollution, stress and tiredness. Also for sensitive and blotchy skin. Choose from three masks:Oxygenating, Remineralizing and Mint-Lavender Thermal.
First Bloom Treatment 60 mins
Choose one of the four masks to maintain the softness and suppleness young skin. Each treatment  comes with its ownvitamin ampoule to moisten , rejuvenate , nourish and purity the skin.Nourishing Mask dry skin
Firming And Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
Excellent muscle firming, face reshaping and anti-wrinkle treatment that gently rejuvenates your skin to perfection.Dermalift face liftingVitamin  C eye and lips maskCollagen anti - wrinkle mask